Ring Pro Cameras and Alarm

Ring Pro Cameras and Alarm

  • Famous Ring brand of front door video doorbell and outdoor cameras around the house makes the pro line with faster wi fi connection, better picture, and sound recording that are hardwired.
  • With these Ring Pro Cameras you never have to get on a ladder to recharge batteries.
  • Ring Alarm is an alarm keypad, door/ window contact sensors, glass break sensors, and smoke detectors full system with professional 911 monitoring for $16.67 per month ($200 per year)

Ecobee Smart Thermostat

  • Ecobee Premium Smart Thermostat
  • The best for Smart Homes
  • Large touchscreen display
  • Compatible with Siri and Alexa
  • Control your Air Conditioner or Heater even far away from home
  • Works with iPhone or Samsung phone
  • No subscription fees required to use

Yale Smart Lock

  • Yale Smart Locks are the largest and best maker in the world
  • Durable and simple to use
  • Use your fingerprint to unlock your door
  • Give out 4 digit pin codes for visitors to open the door using the Yale keypad
  • Use an app on your iPhone or Samsung phone to unlock/lock the door
  • You can be far away from your house and still be able to unlock or lock your front door
  • No subscription fees required to use

Eero Pro Wi Fi 6e/7 Mesh Internet

eero pro wi fi 6e mesh router system

  • The best Wi Fi 6e/7 Mesh Internet Router system
  • eero was the first company to introduce “mesh” wi fi into homes in the United States in 2015
  • eero Pro Wi Fi 6e handles 2.4 Ghz, 5 Ghz, and the new 6 Ghz
  • Can be hardwired and handle up 125 simultaneous smart home devices

Audio Speakers


  • Sonos created the whole house wireless audio category in 2002
  • Sonos offers custom selected Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 surround sound systems to more basic single sound bar speaker setups
  • Connect up to 32 rooms of audio together to play Apple Music or Spotify all around your house
  • Use your voice to control the music or use the Sonos app on your iPhone or Samsung Phone

DaVinci Audio

DaVinci Audio makes the affordable audiophile hidden in-wall/ in-ceiling speakers and outdoor speakers for home theater and music throughout the house designed in U.S.A.

  • With a wide range of choices from better, best, and ultimate combined with white paintable designer
    trim less speaker covers you will be sure to find something in your budget.
  • DaVinci backs up their performance speakers with a lifetime warranty.
  • Garden speakers, Patio speakers, in-ceiling, and in-wall speakers are available
  • DaVinci speakers was originally formed by people who were involved with producing speakers for
    other well known companies when this style of speaker was invented.

Outdoor 4K TV

Neptune by Peerless AV

  • The Neptune by Peerless AV Outdoor 4k TV is the best choice. It’s an all season TV for the rain and the sun with a built inside LG 4k Smart TV panel.
  • Outdoor TV can operate within an impressive -22°F to 122°F
  • Has an enclosed compartment to house an Apple TV 4k streaming device to take it to the ultimate level.
  • Thin form especially for an outdoor TV.



  • Sony is a world famous Japanese company with deep roots in the movie production industry and consumer 4K TVs.
  • Sony 4K OLED TVs are consistently awarded the best TV for performance and picture quality
  • Award winning video processors can reproduced the best Dolby Vision 4K HDR

Samsung 4k The Frame TV

  • Samsung 4K The Frame TV shows a family portrait or a favorite pic of a famous painting when off
  • Have your Living Room not look like a room with a TV when not in use.
  • Can be upgraded with an Apple TV 4k connected to it for the best YouTube TV, Directv, Hulu Live, or Spectrum Experience

Streaming app TV

Apple 4K TV

Apple TV 4K HDR

  • Replaces your Cable/ Satellite box
  • Watch TV local, news, sports, and entertainment channels using YouTube TV, HULU Live, Directv
    Stream, and Spectrum
  • Netflix, Disney Plus, Prime Video, HBO Max, Paramount Plus, Peacock, Apple TV Plus, and more
  • Show family photos and videos from your iPhone without wires to your TV
  • Used as Apple Smart Home Hub
  • Simple one remote for TV channels, all apps, and volume

Smart LED Lighting

Lutron Smart Lighting

  • Best Smart Light LED Dimmers
  • Lutron invented the solid state light dimmer for homes in 1959
  • Compatible with Siri, Alexa, and Google Voice for Smart Home
  • Quality and reliability, the choice of professionals

TV Mounts

Mantel Mount drop down TV bracket

  • Motorized TV drop down wall mounts
  • Compatible with sound bar speaker using separate attachment
  • Recessed in-wall box version available to minimize depth