eero pro Wi-Fi 6e/7 Internet

Wi-Fi Internet

– Are you having issues with slow or no wi fi internet in some parts of your house or backyard?
– Are you having issues with Zoom meetings freezing up or buffering on you?
– Are you trying to add outdoor security cameras around the house but notice that they work too slow when you are looking at the recorded video on your iPhone / Samsung phone?
– Are the kids complaining that when they play video games that the internet is too slow?
By using the right Wi Fi network products, updated wiring, and proper network setup you can truly get what you pay for and create a more enjoyable experience for work and entertainment.
  • We create a Wi-Fi 6e/7 mesh internet router network that reaches all the rooms of the house and even the patio
  • Boost your wi fi internet range with our hardwired eero pro Wi-Fi 6e/7 mesh access point antennas, and have great wireless internet coverage from the bedrooms to the backyard
We offer design, sales, and installation of eero pro Wi-Fi mesh router internet products. We also offer reliable wired and wireless network repair for your home. We have 31 years of experience serving clients in Orange County.  Our goal is to make technology and Smart Home Automation simple.
Have us come out to do an in-home consultation to figure out some options so you can make an informed decision.

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Since 1992, Home Tech Expert offers design, sales, and installation of 4k TV and Sonos Audio Systems with hidden wires, Ring Pro Cameras and Alarm, Eero Pro Mesh Wi-Fi 6e/7 internet, Outdoor Speakers and TV, and Smart Home Automation to control your home using your voice or iPhone whether you are home or not.