Orange County Services

Since 1992, Home Technology Expert has served the Orange County area offering design, sales, and installation of 4k TV, home theater, whole house music, Wi-Fi internet, outdoor audio video, and smart home automation to control your home from your mobile phone or your voice whether you are home or not.

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Home Theater TV Installation Orange County

Let our experts help with choosing and installing the right TV at the best price. We are an authorized dealer with full warranty and installation.

Home Theater wireless speakers Orange County

From whole house wireless speakers solutions to traditional home theater surround sound systems we have you covered

Home Theater drywall repair Orange County

When its needed to drill wires in the walls/ ceiling and holes need to be made, we offer drywall repair and touch up painting

Home Theater Orange County
With Netflix, Pandora, Apple Music, Computers, iPhones, iPads, and so on needing to have great wireless internet working throughout your home we offer installation and setup of Whole House Wi-Fi Internet

Home Theater Smart Internet Camera Orange County

Need to be able to check in on who is at your house from your phone? With our internet cameras you can see and hear anyone at your house from your phone whether you are home or not.

Internet Door Bell and Door Lock Home Theater Orange County

Running late to open your front door for a visitor or forgot if you remembered to lock the front door? You can lock or unlock your door from your phone even though you are away from home. We can also install an internet video door bell so that you can see and hear anyone at your house from your phone whether you are home or not.

Smart Garage Door Opener Home Theater Orange County

Have the garage door automatically open and close based on you driving to or away from your house. Be able to check on your garage door and open/close it from your phone even though you are away from home.

Smart Thermostat Home Theater Orange County

Cool or warm up your home along your drive automatically based on how close you are to your home. Have your thermostat learn your habits and help you save energy on your monthly bill.

Smart Lighting Home Theater Orange County

Have your lights automatically turn on when you drive home and its dark. Turn off all of your lights from your phone when you are ready to go to sleep. Have your lights turn on and off when you are away on vacation to make it seem like someone is home.

Smart Smoke Detector Home Theater Orange County

Protect your home with smart smoke detectors. Can’t stand it when the smoke detector sounds off and you have to use a ladder to turn it off? Smart internet smoke detectors can be controlled from your phone and can also talk to you to let you where the danger is.

Smart Window Shades Home Theater Orange County

We offer roll up automated shades in different colors and styles that can be controlled from your phone whether your are home or not. By having smart window shades they will automatically close when you leave the house to block the hot sun to keep your home cool and open again when you arrive home helping you save on your energy bill.

Smart Phone Home Theater Orange County

By installing the right products the first time in your home you can control your home with your phone from your music to your internet video door bell and your smart home can also do things automatically for you based on whether you are coming or going.